California Tax Brackets

California, the Golden State is famous for its shiny blue beaches. There’s a movie in which a little boy trying to convince his handler that the world they’re living in is a movie scenario. He says to him Look at all these women, they are unbelievably beautiful, I mean where are the real ordinary women? You see this is a movie. The handler says: No, this is California.

As you can see, California is famous for its beauty in all ways. But its also famous for the tax rates. California’s top marginal tax rate of 13% which is also the highest one in the country. Living in California may become your nightmare if you don’t fit in. Our post is a guide for those who live in California and qualify for the State’s tax brackets.

There are 4 different Tax types in California. Residents of California have to pay a state income tax, capital gains tax, state sales tax, and state property tax.

Income Tax

The income taxes are ranging from 1% to 12.3%. Those who exceed the taxable income of $1 million per year have to pay another 1% as mental health services tax. This is what makes California the highest tax charging state with a total of 13.3%.

Use a calculator particular to the state’s tax system to get an estimated number on your tax.

Sales Tax

The Sales Tax in California has a low rate which is 7.5% but the state tax system has so many additional sales tax make almost every individual pays at least 10% tax in total.

Capital Gains Tax

California state has maybe the highest capital gains taxes in the world. When you want to move out of California, you may have to pay for California taxes on your capital gains.

State Property Tax

State property tax rates are limited in California. You will be responsible for paying the 1% tax of a property’s assessed value. You may have to pay for additional local taxes such as school district taxes of the year.

Brackets for Californian Taxpayers

Tax Rate (2018)Single / Married Filing SeparatelyMarried Filing Jointly / Qualifying Widow(er)Head of Household
1%over $0 – $8,544Over $0 – $17,088over $0 – $17,099
2%$8,545 – $20,255$17,089 – $40,510$17,099 – $40,512
4%$20,256 – $31,969$40,511 – $63,938$40,513 – $52,224
6%$31,970 – $44,377$63,939 – $88,754$52,225 – $64,632
8%$44,378 – $56,085$88,755 – $112,170$64,633 – $76,343
9.30%$56,086 – $286,492$112,171 – $572,984$76,344 – $389,627
10.30%$286,493 – $343,788$572,985 – $687,576$389,628 – $467,553
11.30%$343,789 – $572,980$687,577 – $1,145,960$467,554 – $779,253
12.30%$572,981 and over$1,145,961 and over$779,254 and over

The chart above includes the brackets for the Californian taxpayers. These number are dated to 2018 year. Please stick to the post for further updates.

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