2020 Tax Filing Date

The Taxing of this year is almost finished and every taxpayer needs to do a couple of things before the deadline date. Taxpayers must file their documents including their tax details by January 31 and they can receive their forms by in early February 2020.

Upon receiving the forms before then, they can file their tax returns whenever they’d like before the deadline. The deadline for filing the 2019 tax return is April 15, 2020.

How do I Submit My Tax Return?

The first thing you need to submit your tax return is a W-2 Form. Statement of Wage or Tax from every employer of yours in 2019 is also accepted

Freelancer workers, you need to submit your information into 1099 forms.

What Happens If I Haven’t Received My Form?

There is nothing to worry about, the first thing you should do is to see your employer and ask him for another copy to be sent. People generally contact the IRS directly to get help with this issue. Once you contact the IRS, you need to present some information about your tax profile to verification.

Information Needed for Form Request

  • Taxpayer Name, Social Security Number, Phone Number
  • Employer name, address, phone number
  • The dates the taxpayer worked for his/her employer
  • Taxpayer’s estimated paid wages and federal income tax records of the year 2018

Form 4852 and Form 1040X

Form 4852 is a substitute for Form W-2. If the employer doesn’t give a W2 form to the taxpayer or has issued a wrong document, Form 4852 is used for submission.

Form 1040X is used to make changes to the previously submitted tax returns. False information, claiming additional return, incorrect paperwork causing from the delay of the W2 form are generally the main situations in which Form 4852 is used.

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